M achinery Breackdown

Damage to technical installations and machines has major consequences for the insured business or the delivery of semi-finished or finished products. Against the complex background of cause and effect, it is essential to act quickly. The more complex a situation, the more we're challenged to provide you with a clear understanding of all facts in an early stage of the investigations. We have built up many years of experience in handling losses in the areas of process engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, and our loss adjusters have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to machines and installations in all kinds of industries.

Working method

If damage is caused to machines or installations, our loss adjusters conduct an on-site inspection. We interview the process operators and maintenance engineers, investigate the damage and examine all the possible causes. We also assess the costs of repair and any consequential damage/loss of profits that may have been incurred as a result of the faulty machine or installation. When so required we will work together with specialized research institutes like i.e. TNO or TÜV. In addition tot conducting an on-site investigation we also analyse the data logs before and during the incident when available so as to get a clear understanding of the circumstances during wich the incidient occurred. An investigation into contracts with an supplier, OEM's and possible warranty conditions is standard. We then bring all this information together in a clear and transparant report. Clients are keen to work together with us thanks to our strong analytical ability in these types of cases, which are often complex and involve multiple engineering disciplines. We are also able to perorm Root Cause Analyses and see it as our task to clarify who is liable for the incident and what should be done to avoid reoccurrence.

Who do we work for?

Our adjusters are mainly investigating claims for Insurance companies and brokers. For these parties we handle Machinery Breakdown, All Risks and Business Interruption following Machinery Breakdown claims. In addition we assist attorneys by providing Expert Witness and Litigation Support following incidents. Our adjusters are frequently nominated as Court Experts as well.