S oil Remidiation

Soil remediation activities can entail various risks. Excavation, the lowering of the groundwater level, in-situ techniques and the installation of earth-retaining structures, with the possibility of vibration and subsidence damage, all present risks for the environment. Insurers who offer soil remediation cover benefit from an accurate risk assessment and comprehensive advice, which they can use as a basis for drawing up a tailored policy. Since the introduction of soil remediation insurance, Vanderwal & Joosten BV has specialised in performing risk analyses and in handling losses associated with soil remediation projects.

Working method

- Risk assessment

An accurate risk assessment calls for precise investigation work. We will assess the remediation plan, the specifications and the geotechnical reports. If necessary, our construction/civil engineering adjusters will also perform an on-site inspection. In addition, we will assess the chosen working method, paying particular attention to the geotechnical aspects. Our aim is to provide you with a clear insight into the facts that apply to the site and the potential risks. The information that is relevant for our assessment will be gathered and documented in a clearly and structured report, which can be used as a basis for drawing up the terms and conditions of a policy.

- Loss handling

If a loss arises on a soil remediation project, whether or not we inspected this project in advance, Vanderwal & Joosten BV will be your partner. We have many years of experience when it comes to losses and specific knowledge of the risks involved in soil remediation. We will investigate the loss for you and supply you with a concise or comprehensive report, depending on your wishes. In this we will cover the circumstances, cause and extent of the loss. If a liability claim is being made, we will also investigate the liability of the parties involved in the project.

Who do we work for?

Vanderwal & Joosten BV mainly works for insurance companies and brokers. We are also engaged directly by contractors, authorities and semi-public bodies.