M aterials Science and chemicals

Material damage is a familiar expression often encountered in the field of insurance. At Vanderwal & Joosten we not only investigate visual material damage - we go one step further. Our organisation has a rich experience in various fields of construction and mechanical engineering, and we also have loss adjusters specialized in the field of chemistry. Our loss adjusters are able to investigate and assess whether damage has been caused to materials as a result of the materials properties and/or due to production processes employed. Such a situation can arise in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as in the environmental sector, but also in relation to products (and processes) from the food-processing industry or construction materials (wood, concrete, metals, etc.).

We investigate and assess whether a defect in a raw material or semi-finished product could lead to a fault in the finished product, and how this could result in damage for an end user. In addition, we have access to an extensive (international) network and are able to deploy the right loss adjuster for every investigation.