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Finding out the facts and the extent of a loss is not always easy. We have made it our business to create clarity in this area. Vanderwal & Joosten (est. 1993) is a loss adjusting firm highly regarded for investigating and handling technical losses. Construction and Erection All Risks, (Civil) Engineering, Energy, Machinery Breakdown and Chemistry are some of our particular areas of expertise. We have offices in Utrecht, Schiphol, Rotterdam and Eindhoven from which our adjusters cover loss adjusting claims in the Netherlands and abroad. 


Clients approach us because of our unrivalled ability to see through the complexity of both the loss investigation process, as the interests of the parties involved. Furthermore, our clients can count not only on the best possible handling of their assignment, but also on personal contact and an expert response to any questions they may have. Vanderwal & Joosten is characterized by its passionate professionals, who have the specific knowledge and expertise required to handle complex losses. You can expect us to conduct a thorough investigation of which we will inform you in a detailed and comprehensive report. 
Our clients are major national and international Insurers and Insurance Brokers, as well as several international contractors. Since 2007 we have been an affiliate of McLarens Global Claims Services, which broadens our international network. 


Are you looking for a no-nonsense firm of loss adjusters that has competence and is accustomed to working adequately? Do you wish to work with professionals who really understand the field and the interests associated with it? Welcome to Vanderwal & Joosten.